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yucky pooh

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Do not read this is you have a weak stomach.

Read Sadie - Darn the bad luck to get what all happened with Sadie yesterday.

This morning she is drinking and eating and the limp a a bit less pronounced. But you can tell it hurts to put weight on it. She is limping badly still, but not as bad as yesterday.

But she has had a runny, gelatin looking pooh. I am thinking it is from all the meds they gave her yesterday. I'll report it to the vet this morning just in case. But they gave her a shot to relax her for the exam. A steriod shot. A pain shot. Then because she was having such a hard time coming out of the relaxing shot they then gave her a valium shot.
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Well, we go from severe pain yesterday, to being pretty much ok tonight. I come home from work and Sadie is happy and wanting to go outside. She has just barely a hint of a limp. What on earth could she have done to her leg yesterday to cause her such pain?? Anyway, for now she is better. We still have a follow up appt tomorrow to get her yearly shots and the vet can recheck her leg out.
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