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yucky pooh

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Do not read this is you have a weak stomach.

Read Sadie - Darn the bad luck to get what all happened with Sadie yesterday.

This morning she is drinking and eating and the limp a a bit less pronounced. But you can tell it hurts to put weight on it. She is limping badly still, but not as bad as yesterday.

But she has had a runny, gelatin looking pooh. I am thinking it is from all the meds they gave her yesterday. I'll report it to the vet this morning just in case. But they gave her a shot to relax her for the exam. A steriod shot. A pain shot. Then because she was having such a hard time coming out of the relaxing shot they then gave her a valium shot.
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Lilly used to have strange poos that were like you described, sort of like gelatin.

My vet said that it was the lining of her stomach shedding through irritation either caused by something she ate or drugs she was on.

Sounds weird but feasible I guess /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif
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