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I know I've posted this before, but since we have so many new Beagle parents around I thought I'd post it again.

<span style='font-size: 14pt'>You're my family now..</span>

I left my mommy and siblings to come stay with you.

I don't know why I couldn't stay with them but you're my family now.

With my other family I could growl and bark and nibble and mommy would carry me in her mouth.

Can I still growl and bark and nibble? Are you going to carry me in your mouth? How come no one looks like me here?

How come I can't go potty right over there in the corner, I could at my old house?

What do you mean I can't chew the couch? What is a couch anyway? Why can't I have that shoe?

All the rules are different here and everyone looks different, I am sort of scared here but you’re my family now. Will you take it slow and teach me the new rules because I can't learn real fast yet. Sometimes I might forget what I can and cannot chew, will you remind me nicely? And when I feel sad and miss my mommy will you rub my head and snuggle with me until I forget? I think I will like it here if you help me learn. Just remember I am trying and I don't mean to mess up...

I will always love you though because you’re my family now.

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I'm teary too. Thanks for posting that.

I may be odd, but I have no desire for another puppy. Maybe after my youngest is out of diapers...
Humans stay at the puppy stage SO LONG!

Of course, Lucy and Flora are now at the young pre-schooler stage -- meaning they use the step stool to try to get their own snacks! Thank heavens they don't have opposable thumbs; I've watched them studying the kids!
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