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I got this from a friend when I got Jersey. With all the new puppies here recently, I thought it would be good to post now.

You're my family now
You're my family now..

I left my mommy and siblings to come stay with you.

I don't know why I couldn't stay with them but you're my family now.

With my other family I could growl and bark and nibble and mommy would carry me in her mouth.

Can I still growl and bark and nibble? Are you going to carry me in your mouth? How come no one looks like me here?

How come I can't go potty right over there in the corner, I could at my old house?

What do you mean I can't chew the couch? What is a couch anyway? Why can't I have that shoe?

All the rules are different here and everyone looks different, I am sort of scared here but you’re my family now. Will you take it slow and teach me the new rules because I can't learn real fast yet. Sometimes I might forget what I can and cannot chew, will you remind me nicely? And when I feel sad and miss my mommy will you rub my head and snuggle with me until I forget? I think I will like it here if you help me learn. Just remember I am trying and I don't mean to mess up...

I will always love you though because you’re my family now.

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Awww--that's so sweet!! Now, please pass the kleenex! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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