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My mother lost her dog to the food recall last week.... He was healthy, happy senior boy. It all happened so fast. He was happy, playful and then after he ate his dinner he became lethargic and did not want to move from his spot by the dinner table, my mom thought it was an upset tummy and tried to give him an aspirin. I dont know why my mom thinks asprin cures all wounds but he did not want any part of it. Later on he got himself to bed. In the morning my mother found throw up all over the house and Luke dead in his bed. She could not take him to the vet because they had a major snow storm so she took him downstairs and covered him with his favorite blankie. Finally the next day she was able to take him in. She did not run an autopsy so we dont know 100% for sure if this was the reason but all symptoms add up to it and given he was 100% healthy with no issues whatsoever it makes sense. She fed both her dogs Pedigree mixed with Wet Ol'Roy canned food and has been doing this for years. Her other dog Nika got through it okay, but Lukie died. Lukie was a senior compared to Nika who is only 3 years ol.
My sister's Beagle also got sick but thankfully recovered.
My mother recently had EColi from the Peter Pan Peanut Butter recall. Bad luck is going her way.
This is all so fresh after just loosing Bagel the foster beagle to a horrible euthanisia.
I am praying 07 gets a little better....
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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