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...I saw the cutest little beagle puppy (Aren't they all?) and went running to ooh and ahh over him. (I'd been shopping with my daughter so didn't have Shiloh--wish I had!) His name was Bronson and he was 12 weeks old, black and white with a brownish head. Then it was time for training class to begin, and he looked so cute, trotting by his owner's side. (Pup was already better behaved than Shiloh! :rolleyes: )
So I made my way to the training ring to watch for a minute, and there standing on the opposite side of the ring from little Bronson was his twin!! So I said to Bronson's owner--who probably wished this crazy stalker lady would leave her alone), "How cute, Bronson's brother[which you could tell he was] is here too." She said, "No they're not brothers. But they are both beagles." Well, duh. I refrained from whipping out my Beagle World membership card to show her that yes indeed I am experienced and knew they were both beagles!! I said, "They're not littermates? They're not related?" "No," she said.
So I wandered around to the other side of the ring, to Bronson's identical non-twin. Oohed and ahhed over him, asked his name (Peanut) and his age (12 weeks). Then class began and I had to leave anyway--all this beagle puppy-stuff (not to mention a beautiful black lab puppy who was also in the class and a boxer puppy who was just shopping with his parents) was getting to me! But I'm still wondering about those 2 puppies. They were the same age, markings were identical (and not real common, I don't think), at the same class--how could they not be littermates?
I'm /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif
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