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Wow..my smarty boy.

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Last night I started doing some training with Baxter and this afternoon he does it on cue! He has always picked this stuff up fast.
He learned shake and roll over
I am amazed at what he will do for a cheerio..LOL

We also started pumpkin today for his Coprophagia (poo eating :)) He thought that was THE best treat EVER!
I am giving him a teaspoon once a day. And will increase to 2 teaspoons if needed. Please pray this works for us.
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Add two to four tablespoons of canned pumpkin to the food bowl each day. Pumpkin apparently tastes good in food, but repugnant when expelled in excrement

I heard it from a few people and then looked it up online. **crossing my fingers**

We tried the forbid, didnt work.
Another option is meat tenderizer, which we will try if the pumpkin doesnt work. (hoping it does tho)
Originally Posted By: Crazy DaisyWe haven't been able to teach our two roll over, how did you do it?
Well it was NOT easy..LOL
I had him go into the sit position, then lay down.
I made a circle gesture with my hand and maually rolled him over.
Praised praised praised good boy and a cheerio.

Manually rolling him over was not easy. He was really stiff and excited, he knew i had treats.
even if i rolled him over i made the circle motion and still praised and gave him a cheerio.

i am sure you already know this, but it is something i learned with Baxter.
Dont have the treat in your hand. put it behind you or on your side.
If I had the treat in my hand he absolutely would not pay attention to anything but the hand the treat was in.
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