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wow am i mad at myself!

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i can't believe what i did!
i stubbed my toe last night and BROKE IT!!!
it hurts sooo bad but i can't walk!!!
and my puppy sitters went away today for a week...
i'm so mad at myself... i'm supposed to take snoopy to puppy school tonight and i have to walk her and stuff still
guess i'll be walking (LIMPING!) through the pain! its so gross looking :S ughhhh worst timing ever
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haha thanks- i just had to post my frustration at how this is the worst timing ever!!!
considering i've also never broken a bone in my life!
i think someone is trying to teach me something haha.... but i didn't need doggy lessons to get any MORE challenging :S
interesting that you have a broken toe also!! heal fast!
and thanks...since i won't be staying off of it it will prob take awhile to heal. I have some t3s that i'm trying not to take.. and well...ibuprofen and ice. haha.
when life throws you lemons......

hahah awww no snoops doesn't react to my limping but i think it might help her to stop pulling? cuz i just CAN'T walk any faster! haha. when i did it she freaked out though because i screamed and fell to the ground... she started trying to nip me everywhere! kinda the opposite reaction i was lookin for! hah.
thanks for the tips... i have it tensor bandaged which seems to help and am wearing sandals.
at our first puppy school class today only about 5 dogs stepped on it lol. wow! you never realize how much you bang your toes!

at least the underwater in hawaii is a great story haha... all i have is uhhh i walked into the wall!... what a horrible story haha.
thanks again! drugs and ice here i come! haha
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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