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Worried mom - before i go running to the vet!

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So i'm wondering if i need to be concerned or not.
Last night snoopy seemed pretty drowsy and after she woke up from a nap i went to go roll her over and scratch her tummy and she kept letting out little yelps...
so i picked her up... yelp...hm.
so i rolled her on her back and felt all over to see what was hurting... no yelp...
pick her up... yelp...
??? and since then she has been VERY drowsy...slept allll night without a peep and didn't even wanna go outside to pee this morning - just went to her crate and back to sleep...
sometimes she yelps on her own... sometimes when i touch her.
and she has a very abnormally low energy level (not that i'm really complaining but..ya know)..
does anyone have any ideas????? :S
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no throwing up.... no diarrhea...
nothing except the low energy and the occasional little yelp...
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well this afternoon she was more herself so i thought it was just a phase... until i noticed blood on her tummy!!!
upon flipping her over i noticed several blood spots on her belly and chest

something must be biting her!!
poor thing
we have a vet appoint at 11:30 in the morning
any suggestions on how to sooth her till then????
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aww thanks guys
she's scratching.. but is just wayyyy more lethargic than usual
its nice in a bad way because she just lays there
haha aw poor thing!
she has only been on our grass... i tied her to the fence post yesterday and left her outside (in sight!) just to relax for awhile...
i'm wondering if there is something in the grass that could be causing it?
i've been brushing her lots and she seems to enjoy being scratched ..so maybe that'll help for now :S
anyways will find out tomorrow and let ya know! thanks again
well if anyone else has this issue
to save you a $50 trip to the vet hahaha

snoopy had mosquito or fly bites....
the vet recommended putting some 'skin so soft' on her succulent little tummy...
i haven't yet and the bites are all healed up
at least it put my mind at ease :p
hahahah its ok
i figure worth it knowing that there is not some blood sucking being crawling all over her :p
ahhh well
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