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Originally Posted By: woodyHello everyone we have four beagles brownie ,roxie,woody and wilson we had 5 but arlene passed away on monday they are all rescues all get along except for woody he gets aggresive growls barks and some times he will bite only if he is sitting with me or my wife or other dogs try to take his food or if he is startled when he is sleeping he is seems scared of alot of things and seems like he may have been beaten in the past we muzzle him if he is in the car with the others unatended and he stays in his own room if they are left at home if we are both working at the same time he did go to obidence school when he was younger he is 3 any suggestions besides getting rid of him or worse would be great thanks
Hi Woody

Have you thought about consulting a reputable behaviourist?

It sounds like Woody has some fear problems.

What sort of training do you do with all the dogs now? Do you implement anything like NILIF (nothing in life is free)?

For now I would be feeding him on his own away from the other dogs, either in another room or in a crate, to help stop him feeling like he needs to guard his food. I'd bite the other dogs if they tried to take my food too!
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