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Wondering about Scarlet?

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Did I miss something? I have been wondering if Scarlet has arrived yet and how Rhett is adjusting to the new addition.
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Sorry I haven't updated you all with anything yet, it's a little touchy of a subject for me at this point in time.

No I don't have her yet as the flight was cancelled this past Friday as the temperatures are too hot from where she is coming from during the windows that the kennel chooses to ship her or the other 4 puppies that are waiting to go to there new homes around the US.

I do know that the temperatures looks good for the next 2 days but I haven't heard anything as of yet.

No updated pictures have been placed on the site as well so I have nothing for you there.
Ok, update as of 5 minutes ago lol. They are going to send her out to me tomorrow so I should have her a little bit after noon.

Oh I will be taking plenty of pictures once I get her home and cleaned up and Rhett has enough time to sniff her.

I also got a brand new HD camcorder so after I record enough stuff and figure out how to get it in some sort of web happy version you will get that as well.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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