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Wish us luck

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Tomorrow I start my regular schedule for my summer language classes which means Molly is home alone (in her crate) from 8:30ish to 12:30ish. We have been gone for that long before and she has done just fine but we have only done that length of time once or twice, this will now be an every day thing, well weekdays. She normally wakes up for about an hour in the morning and then snoozes till noon anyway but I still feel nervous for her. Wish us luck into this new transition.
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Well, its been two days of class and we are off to an okay start. I, of course, hate to leave her in the morning because she does cry when she realizes that I am indeed walking out the front door but I think she has a lot of fun when I am not home. Today she somehow managed to pull half her crate cover into the crate though the metal bars. She did such a good job I had a heck of a time getting it back out. She also got bits of bananna I had frozen in her puppy kong smeared all over her crate mat.

She was super excited to see me come home both days, which was really nice. I have read that it isn't always the best idea to act excited when you come home and your dog is excited to see you, it can teach dogs to jump up, etc. but I can't help it. It is so nice to come home to something that is just overwelmed with joy that you came home.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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