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Re: another video test

Thanks, I am so excited about posting video's of them. You are right. Pooh Bear doesn't get into it as much as Sadie does. He will give out after about an hour or 2 usually. If left to it, Sadie would stay out on a trail all day. But I usually bring her in to make her rest or if it is early (like this morning), I bring them in and wait until later. If I do bring them in, they are very unhappy and Sadie will pace and whine and come up and try to jump up on me and paws at me. Pooh Bear will usually just come on in and lay down. I don't usually keep them in very long because Sadie drives me crazy whining to go back out.

All of you out there with Beagle puppies, look what you have to look forward to. Sadie and Pooh are 8 years old and still going strong. 8 isn't old at all. They have their couch pototoe times and their wild times like this morning.
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