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Does your beagle whine? Cassidy whines...all...of...the...freaking...time.........I don't know why...I play with her everytime I come home, I play with her in the yard, I take her for walk around the neighborhood, I take her to the dog park, she gets new toys every week.....I talk to her....I pet her...I love her....but if I don't pay attention to her for 5 seconds....she whines...and whines...and whines....I can be sitting...she doesn't like it when I sit at my desk......but I have work to do...but she whines....and whines....ugh....help...lol

PS: Did I mention that she whines?
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I hear you. Whenever Tucker wants a treat, he starts barking. He doesn't whine when we are home, but whenever we leave, he cries. He also will paw at your leg whenever he isn't getting the attention he wants. If you happen to be wearing shorts, OOOOWWWWWWW! He doesn't sound as bad as Casidy though, so I guess you win
Molly does whine a bit. Keep in mind two things. When they whine its generally because they want something brought closer to them. And two, if you come to her or play with her when she whines, then she is successful. When Molly whines and whines I try to shush her and then ignore. Just be cafeful that its not the I really have to go potty whine which has a different tone.
Roscoe is the big whiner in this house! We think its because he was our first and we spoiled him a little too much

This morning is a perfect example. We have houseguests for the weekend and gave them our bedroom. Roscoe did not understand why we were in the other room and paced for a bit last night, wanting in the bedroom. He settled and slept well all night.
This morning, we get up early, our guests are still sleeping and Roscoe kept going to the bedroom door, staring at it and whining!!! We had to laugh b/c we thought he was ok if he was near us, apparently he just misses his King-Size Pillow Top mattress
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Quinn has begun whining when she REALLY needs to go out, but I haven't been paying attention to her. Today, she started whining because she couldn't find a place in the house to bury her bone. Silly puppy!

Grayson, on the other hand, whines whenever we put him in his crate.
haha Milo done the same thing the other day. Couldn't decide where to bury his pig snout so began running around whining. i found it so funny that he could experience this frustration...

other than that, he does not whine. bindi on the other hand, does...alot...
i have put it down to the move from her mummy to her new home. it is slowly decreasing so i hope soon she has completely settled in and it stops...
Gracie Jones has her whining moments too, but they haven't reaching annoying levels yet. She usually whines when she sees or smells something she can't get too; e.g. John and I take her along in the car and one of us get out, or when we are eating and she can see us, but not get to us. She actually has quite the range. I'll admit, she's rather funny sounding and sometimes it's all I can do to keep the laughter in!

Now that I have said this, she will of course start whining over everything and I will have a hard time remembering what I found so funny!
Roxy's not a big whiner most of the time. it's mainly when i get home from work. our routine is i let her out to pee and then she gets a treat and her afternoon bowl of food and fresh water. then i try to use the bathroom myself and get cleaned up. if i don't let her in the bathroom with me she gets whiny and if i take too long somethings getting chewed on until i come in to fuss at her then she's cool. her other whiny time is around 6 am on the weekends. during the week she gets up with me at 5 am to go out and eat breakfast then its back in the crate till the wife gets up at 6:30 so on the weekends she doesn't understand that daddy would like to sleep in a little bit.
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