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Where's Li'l Girl?

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Li'l Girl didn't come when called for her after supper treat this evening. :nono5:
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This happened to us too. I thought I was the only bad mom out here and have been feeling guilty for this for a long time.

Zeus was about 6 months old and like always followed my husband around the house. He had been hanging up clothes in the master closet. He walked out and closed the bedroom door not realizing Zeus was still in there. Somehow he managed to get the door closed behind him and started to freak out. I was cooking dinner and my husband was in the yard working. With both doors closed and on the other side of the house we could not hear him. We sat down to dinner and I asked where the piglet was (he is ALWAYS there when we eat). We started a search.

I found him and half the carpet ripped out of the master closet. It cost us $250 to fix. Now when he is in a room with me and I go to close the door he darts out.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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