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Where's Li'l Girl?

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Li'l Girl didn't come when called for her after supper treat this evening. :nono5:
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I feel like I haven't posted on the board in ages! Anyways, we haven't misplaced Caesar in the house...yet. But the cat has been locked in many rooms and closets. As soon as I open a closet door she's by my feet and I have to check before I close it to make sure that she isn't in there. One time about 12 years ago we lost her for three days! At this time she was still an out door cat and I was still living at home with mom. We thought that one of us must have let her out and we were very worried! The mom opened the linen closet in the hall to get a towel and there she was, curled up on the floor. Not once did she meow in the 3 days she was in there! After that we learned to always check the closets.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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