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Where's Li'l Girl?

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Li'l Girl didn't come when called for her after supper treat this evening. :nono5:
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He, he, glad Lil girl was ok.

We have done that a lot of times. Pooh Bear went in the spare bathroom when he was a pup and shut the door himself. I looked and looked and called and called for him all over the yard and was about panicked when I said aloud "Sadie, where is Pooh Bear", she walked down the hall and stood in front of the bathroom door. We opened the door and there was a very happy Pooh Bear. He had not said a word all the time we were calling for him. Sadie has gone into the spare bedroom and got under the bed and we didn't know whe was in there. We shut the door to the spare room. Then we panick and can't find her. She at least answers when we call her name.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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