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Where's Li'l Girl?

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Li'l Girl didn't come when called for her after supper treat this evening. :nono5:
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I'm right there with you folks -- couldn't find Maggie anywhere in the house one night. Then I heard a faint scratching noise which led me to the guest bedroom ... I keep the door closed but had gone in to get a book. Maggie must have followed in behind me and I never knew it. It was definitely worth a two-biscuit treat!
The Bagel does his own thing during the day but when night arrives, he stays close to me so I seldom misplace the Bagel but he notes all the treats obtained from errant parents and probably wishes he could instill such guilt in me! I like stories with happy endings and Bagel thinks any story that ends with treats is a good story. Thanks all for sharing!
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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