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Where do your furbabies sleep at night?

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I was just wondering where your dogs sleep at night.

During the day, Bloom sleeps anywhere. She naps where ever around the house. But at night she always wants to sleep in my bed. When I got her, she used to sleep there, but my boyfriend didn't want her to sleep on the bed anymore and so he just kicked her out. Now she eighter sleeps on the couch or in her kennel which is standing in the bedroom.
But whenever she gets the chance (mostly when Joe isn't around), she jumps on my bed....I guess you shoudn't teach your grandma to suck eggs /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif .
I mean I don't care. Actually I like her sleeping in my bed. She keeps my feet warm /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/greendevil.gif
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This is funny because I was just thinking about asking the same thing. Maggie USED to sleep in her bed every night and would come wake me up to take her out in the mornings. However, now she sleeps in bed with us, usually in the middle horizontally pushing us on the very edge of the bed. She has been getting better though, we will put her down at the foot and she'll stay there. I think what happened was we went from living in Texas to living in Missouri and it is a lot colder here so she likes to keep warm under the covers. Needless to say, this beagle loves loves loves to sleep!! And she also requires that she is completely 100% comfortable when she is sleeping!! Hahaha, I'm interested to see what everyone else says!
I was just going to create a topic about this lol. Is it ok if my new puppy sleeps in her bed, by my bed?
All of mine started out in crates by the bed until they were completely "trustworthy". Our sleeping arrangements now have Jazzy the lab first up on the bed(usually on the bottom) and Phoebe tucked in to my side. Ted sleeps on an ottoman at the foot of the bed with his favorite toy. Good thing we have a King size bed!
We started the first night with Blaze in a crate but she cried and big softy that I am, I went and got her and the rest is history. By the way, I have learned my lesson on crate training. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif All the dogs sleep in our beds. The DH and I usually have one beagle and the lab and the kids each have a beagle and we rotate who has who. Since Buster started limping we have had him every night. When I go to bed, since I ususally go first, they all come with me and then the kids come and take a dog. The lab stays with us because we don't have stuffed toys to disembowel.
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During the day on the couch, at night in their baskets next to our bed. They used to sleep on our beds from about dawn until we got up, but for some reason have chosen their baskets now.
Nothing better than cuddling with your beag in bed....
.... guess you now know where Chloe sleeps at night.... /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/doh00000.gif

During the day, I have no idea when I'm not home, but when I am home - she sleeps EVERYWHERE... /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/lol2.gif
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Yep, Duke is in bed with us, too. Cassie used to sleep on our bed, but she started sleeping in my son's room about 3 years ago (he tends to get late night snacks and lord forbid she might miss out.LOL) and she can't get on our high bed anymore. Roscoe has always slept on his bed, next to our bed, or in our bathroom on warm nights. Phoebe usually sleeps in bed with us (and at times she and Duke start Wrestlemania in the middle of the night.....fun stuff at 3 am! Grrr.), but sometimes she prefers to stay in the front room.

It amazes me that my 85 pound lab took up less room in bed than my 24 pound beagle! Just like Maggiebeagle said, Duke stretches out horizontally and scoots us right to the edge of a king sized bed! And to move him is like moving 100 pounds of dead weight. LOL
Darwin sleeps tucked behind my knees,under the blankets.
Meg sleeps on her own futon in another room. The ONLY reason we don't let her sleep in our bed anymore is that she snores. She snores REALLY REALLY REALLY LOUD!!!
Spock used to sleep with us every night. We tried to get Bones in on the action, but after she had accidents on the comforter, on the carpet, pretty much every night, we got tired of waking up (in the middle of the night or in the morning) to find something new to clean up. So Bones was sent back to her kennel, which made her very upset. We started putting Spock in with her (they have a 36-inch-tall wire kennel that our old roommate used to house his 55-pound Husky mix in), and they have been fine with that arrangement for over a month. Now the only person trying to push me out of bed during the night while asleep is my boyfriend.
Hahahahaha Zookeeper that is hilarious!! Maggie does the dead weight thing and it's crazy! I also call it, "beagle brakes" because she will put her feet out as far as she can to keep me from moving her!
Oh yeah, Duke does that, too. And he tries to jump in the bed right before us so he can get the best spot! But I have to admit, I do love having him in bed with us.
You know, before I got involved in so many dog groups, I always thought I was the only nut who slept with dogs! When I got my keeshond, Sasha, in 1985, I started off with her in my bed (NOBODY crated dogs in 1985) so if she started sniffing around I could put her outside. She slept with me for almost 15 years - until she got too old to jump on the bed. Before I started crating the beagle brats (didn't really crate the first 3), they all slept with me from the beginning. Now that they're all grown up - they sleep different places. Romeo and Tanna sleep in their "little houses" (kennels/crates) - The little girls (Bella and Angel) sleep together in a kennel - they like to be together - Chloe and Lottie sleep with me (only room for those two little ones in the twin bed I'm sleeping in now), JoJo, Joe, Jack, and Princess all sleep here in the family room - sometimes on the futon, sometimes in the "whelping boxes" that they like to use for beds when we don't have beagle babies. Now that my daughter and her husband have moved out, I have the upstairs back again, so when I get those bedrooms cleaned out (and de-smoked) I'll get to move back into MY room with its queen bed - and then there'll probably be a few more beagles in MY bed. This week-end I'll move one of the whelping boxes into my room and bring JoJo back with me since she's expecting beagle babies next week!
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Originally Posted By: P3terI was just going to create a topic about this lol. Is it ok if my new puppy sleeps in her bed, by my bed?
It is OK Peter but I think you might find that if her bed isn't inside a crate she may get up and walk around the room while you are asleep and leave little presents for you in the form of wees and poos because she is so young still. If you are lucky you might wake when you hear her move, but maybe you wont /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif
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Luigi generally starts out in his crate next to bed. After his middle of the morning poop/pee (he wakes us about 4am every time, but hey, he's a puppy) he has moved into the bed with me the last couple of nights.

I can't wait till he can sleep through the night without having to give presents. Until then, he'll always start out in the crate.
Well, Daisy has slept with me up until last night. Since she's been peeing in the bed, I put her in her crate last night. It actually went very well. She protested for less than 5 minutes before she settled down and went to sleep. I missed her though.
in the bed ...I don't think I could sleep without them /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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I can't wait for Miley to get trustworthy enough to sleep whereever she wants (my youngest son is hoping it's in his bed!)
For now, Augie sleeps in her crate at night until I know she can hold her bladder while on the bed. However, she slept in bed with me last night as a test and she did just fine! I'll love it when I can always have her sleep in the bed.
Molly sleeps in between us. She has a purple soft pillow that is her's. When we travel, the pillow has to come with us. Abby (jrt) sleeps under the covers against my legs.
Molly tries to be the first one in the bed so she can get the best spot though. If you have to move her, she lets out this moan like I can't believe your making me move. If she thinks its time to go to bed and we are not ready, she stares at us from the couch.

I swear if only they could talk sometimes...
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