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I'm not sure about training but I know the breeder had told us that we should't put her down for walks until about 5 months old. If we were to talk Brewster for a walk I would probably get a little puppie carry and take her on my shoulder so that she can get used to the outdoors but not get exhausted.

Our breeder gets frustrated because she thinks that the Vet will give you generic advice and not breed specific advice like she can. I suppose I take a little bit of both on board and make a decision from there. Its hard though.

We are scheduled to take Maggie on puppy obedience classes - run by the breeder and the dog club in the new year which by that time she will be 5 months old .. Not sure if we will do it though as my husband has been so fantastic with Brewster, we have taught him to sit, lay down, get into your bed, down, even managed to make him wait by the kitchen rather than come into the kitchen. He has also trained him to wait patiently and sit until he is told that he can eat rather than jumping all over the food when we try to put it down on the ground. We will see how Maggie responds to my husbands training and if she needs it - we may take her.

I'm not sure I've been much help except ramble on !! :lol2:
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