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If you wish to avoid all of the hassle of a dog that is going through female dog heat symptoms you should consider spaying your animal immediately. While some people believe that you should only spay a female dog after they have gone through their first heat cycle, others don't see any harm in avoiding the process altogether and getting her spayed young.

There are many benefits to spaying your female dog aside from the heat cycle. Spaying a dog will help them to live a long and healthy life. Vets have said that if you spay your female dog before her first heat cycle she will have virtually no chance of developing mammary cancer during her lifetime. If you wait you will increase her chance to fewer than ten percent after one heat cycle. The risk increases the longer you wait. However, you should get your dog spayed immediately no matter how many cycles she has gone through.

Your female dog will also be at a greater risk for ovarian cancer during her lifetime if she is not spayed young. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are difficult to detect from the female dog heat symptoms and might go undetected until it is too late. A surgery that is similar to a spay will need to be performed, but it is much more complicated once the cancer is spreading.

There are many other health concerns that can be avoided by spaying your female dog before she experiences female dog heat symptoms. Diabetes, uterine infections and wandering away from home are just some of the things that can be avoided by spaying your beloved pet. There are also a great many risks to your dog that come along with pregnancy. There are still dogs, despite the best veterinary care that become ill and die during pregnancy and birthing.

There are millions of unwanted animals that flood the Humane Society across the country every year. You can do your part by making sure you spay your female dog before they experience female dog heat symptoms. The Humane Society recommends getting your animal spayed or neutered before the first signs of symptoms. The unwanted animals live lives of neglect and pain because they are not welcomed into homes by loving families. It is in everyone's interest to do the humane thing and keep these animals from reproducing without control. The least of the problems is dealing with the female dog heat symptoms.
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