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When did your Beag start to lose their color?

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Jersey is only two and is already starting to lose the color in her face. I love the look of the distinguished senior, but I'd really like for that to happen when she's a senior! She's only two and it seems that every day she's losing more color and getting more white around her eyes. Is it possible that her anxiety issues are causing her to prematurely lose her color? My vet just shrugged when I asked him. I'm about ready to find a new office to take her to.
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Most dogs tend to gray on the snout, beagles sometimes seems to be their whole heads. Spencer is just over 3 years and he hasn't started to change yet.
"Adoptees" tend to "grey" sooner since there is "doubt" about their age! Snapper was a small fox/rat terrier & beagle that was most likely 5 yrs old when I adopted him, but he did not start to "grey" until his 10th year with us. He was a tiny beag like Rufus, but longer legged & weighed about the same 15 to 17 pounds! Duke was a larger 15" beag rescue that only lived for 13 yrs & was the elder to my Goober that accepted him as the elder beag! Bottom line... If your dog/beag starts to "grey" before age 10, then you might have a "dietary problem" with them! Make sure that your beags get a diverse diet including fish & eggs, vegetables& vitamins to extend their life like I do with Goober! Goobs gave me a scare on xmas eve....But he has nearly recovered to "his old self"! :thumbup: (BTW:) Goober will turn 16 on 12 April 2008! :thumbup:
Originally posted by Murphy & Summer's Dad:
Pups that had a hard youth tend to age earlier.

Joe, that's what I'm worried about. It's not that Jersey has had a hard youth. Quite the opposite. She's one of the most pampered pups around! I'm just concerned that her anxiety is causing her to age prematurely. Either way, there's not much I can do. The Reconcile does seem to be working to calm her down though. I guess only time will tell. Hopefully it is just her maturing.

I have had 6 rescued beagles and I have found they typically get the white in their face/snout (on average) around 4 to 5 and the white in the eyebrows at 5 to 7. The first beagle we rescued was over bred and suffered as well from anxiety. We adopted our second beagle to keep her company and that worked. We just lost one of our beagles yesterday (also adopted) and she was getting really white in the face and eyebrows. I would have put her at 6 to 7. She also suffered from anxiety and like the first would chew up the blinds when left alone. I hope this helps. If your dog is healthy and happy I wouldn't worry too much. People go grey earlier so I'm sure dogs can too. :)
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