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When did your Beag start to lose their color?

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Jersey is only two and is already starting to lose the color in her face. I love the look of the distinguished senior, but I'd really like for that to happen when she's a senior! She's only two and it seems that every day she's losing more color and getting more white around her eyes. Is it possible that her anxiety issues are causing her to prematurely lose her color? My vet just shrugged when I asked him. I'm about ready to find a new office to take her to.
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For Lucy and Flora, once the black stopped turning to brown, the white started coming in on their faces. I think each one started getting white prior to turning three.

Some beagles just get gray in the face early. The face color has nothing to do with how quickly the rest of the body is aging. And of course, the beagle brain remains forever young!
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