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When did your Beag start to lose their color?

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Jersey is only two and is already starting to lose the color in her face. I love the look of the distinguished senior, but I'd really like for that to happen when she's a senior! She's only two and it seems that every day she's losing more color and getting more white around her eyes. Is it possible that her anxiety issues are causing her to prematurely lose her color? My vet just shrugged when I asked him. I'm about ready to find a new office to take her to.
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Moosie started to go white in his face when he was about 3, but it has been really slow progression and he still looks primarily brown four years later - but another beagle in the neighbourhood pretty much went entirely white in the face at about the same age. Neither of them seem to have white on the rest of their bodies, yet, though - just the face. Meanwhile Booker is 10 1/2 and she only has a little bit of white on her face - her eyelashes first about a year ago and then slowly now her eyebrows... but otherwise she still seems to have all of her colour.

So I think it really must depend on the beagle... hopefully Jersey will be like Moosie and just have a slow advance of white.
Quote:Originally posted by Murphy & Summer's Dad:
Pups that had a hard youth tend to age earlier.
Is that true?

I really hope that isn't the reason for Moosie going grey in his face relatively young... we don't really know too much about his background before we rescued him, but obviously hope that he didn't suffer too much... but there are some signs (including that he came to the rescue without fur around his neck from being tied up too tightly for too long by an electrical cord around his neck, and with what looked like a cigarette burn on his head - and then we found out a while later that he was shot with a bb gun at some point as he has a bb pellet lodged in his flank that showed up on an x-ray...) that have always made me worry about his treatment in his prior life, and maybe his early graying is another one.

At worst, though, he is a resilient little guy... since he sure is a happy and well-adjusted beagle now!
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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