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Whats the difference in behaviours between genders

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Hi all

My boyfriend and I after much consideration are going to get a beagle. Our situations have changed so I am working from home and we are buying a new house with a big lovely garden for our new beagle pup!!

What I would like to know, is, is there much difference between a beagle dog and a beagle bitch in temprement and behaviour. most people tend to express a preference for bitch's due to a better temprement but is this all myths or is there some truth to it?

Would apprecitate any advice or anacdotes from you guys

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Originally Posted By: AmberFemale beagles with my experience have been the best. They seem to tolerate training faster, and they don't cock their leg to pee, although not all males do that. I have found males to be more stubborn and harder to train....wait...am I talking about my fiance? LOL But on a serious note, I have found females the best, and will never buy/rescue another male dog again....
Too many issues.
Even though I have far less experience than you, I have found the exact opposite to be true for my two. Quinn is really stubborn, and Grayson is WAY more eager to please. Quinn learns more quickly, but Grayson is more willing to do whatever we ask of him.
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