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Whats the difference in behaviours between genders

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Hi all

My boyfriend and I after much consideration are going to get a beagle. Our situations have changed so I am working from home and we are buying a new house with a big lovely garden for our new beagle pup!!

What I would like to know, is, is there much difference between a beagle dog and a beagle bitch in temprement and behaviour. most people tend to express a preference for bitch's due to a better temprement but is this all myths or is there some truth to it?

Would apprecitate any advice or anacdotes from you guys

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Wow it is amazing how different people feel about this subject. A little about my background. I am a breeder of AKC Beagles and own 3 purebreds and one beagle/lab mix.

IMHO...Females tend to be more hyper. Females tend to be needier and won't stop begging for attention even after long periods of one on one. Females tend to be moodier. They tend to be more affectionate with the kisses. They want you to entertain them rather than entertaining themselves. My females have been more apt to shoot out doors or dig to get out of the yard. In my experience (we have owned and bred 4 different bitches) the females can change after a litter. Maya was a little (and I stress little) on the hyper side before her first litter. She really mellowed out after her first litter. Each successive litter she has mellowed out even more. We joke we may need a cattle prod if she gets any more mellow. Sulli wasn't here before her first litter, but I did not see any changes in her after her 2nd litter.

Males love their attention too, but accept I'm done! when their petting sessions are over. They will entertain themselves quite easily. They are less moody. Males don't seem to want to be in your face as much as the girls. Intact males will mark, but guess what...so do intact females. They just squat to do it where as the males do hike the leg. My male has never left the yard in search of a bitch in heat. Of course we supply him with as many as he can handle usually anyway. lol

All dogs are different and it is hard to tell what you may end up with if you purchase a young pup, but really try to watch the personalities as they develop in the litter as one thing is for sure. You will see who is more dominant and who is more submissive even as young as 7 weeks. I'd stay away from the ones that are easily determined dominant/submissive and try to select a middle of the pack pup. I think they will be more well rounded for you.

Good luck.
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