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I've noticed a behavior with Murphy that I hoped he'd grow out of. He's not, and in fact it seems to be getting a little worse.

We've had Murphy since he was 8 weeks old; he's now almost 7 months.

When we're out walking on the leash, Murphy gets paranoid at the thought of something behind us. It's especially bad if he doesn't have a clear view of the trail or road behind us, such as when we top a hill or round a curve.

This morning we were walking the bike trail and had it pretty much to ourselves. We rounded a long gentle corner and Murphy started looking behind him. It progress to the point where he would no longer walk, just turn around and look. I ended up carrying him about 100 yards, put him down and he was sort of OK, just a glance behind every 10 steps or so. Again, there was nothing behind us.

On the way back to the car we were walking on a long straight section of the trail. At the very limit of my vision I noticed a bike. The bike was a good 2 miles or more behind us and not much more than a dot. Murphy saw it, and immediately put on the brakes. I couldn't coax him more than 10 feet when he's stop, turn around and stare at the approaching bike (still at least a couple miles away). No amount of pulling or tugging would get him to move-he was planted in place staring at the bike.

He does pretty well with bikes, cars or people coming at us from the front, but he's really paranoid (not too strong a word) about what's behind, especially if he doesn't have a clear, long view.

Any thoughts on what I can try to get him over this? I'm going to start trying treats each time he seems paranoid to see if that helps, but I also don't want to reinforce the paranoid behavior.

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