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What to do,

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if your dog won't eat out of the bowl that well. But will eat out of your hand??

Train her with her food! lol

I take afew handful at a time and we do sit, lay down, and hurry potty! lol

that way i know she atleast eat some.
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They don't eat as much as puppies....but don't worry, the eating thing is catching up quickly... /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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yea i guess then it will be, "HEY I WANT MORE!!!"
My two wouldn't eat very well when they were on Nutro or Solid Gold. Any other foods, they just wolf it down so maybe your pup just doesn't like what you are offering. What food are you using?
Iams puppy smart

that is what the people i got her from was feeding her.
I would probably try to get a hold of Innova/Canidae/Merick samples.... I believe they are very good.

Chloe is on Canidae! She loves it, and I love it because its natural ingredients only, her stool is great and her coat is shiny!
My girls would never scoff down their food and I was starting to think they were broken beagles /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif Everyone kept telling me they were, beagles normally don't stop eating... not don't eat at all. I mean, they would eat.. eventually.

So we changed their food. That lasted for a few days of eating when it was put down, then off again.

We've just decently changed to Royal Canin (not sure if it's in America) and they LOVE their food. As soon as it's put down, they eat it all. Not at a great rate of knots, but they still eat. Sally likes to paw one piece of kibble out at a time and eat it. Crazy girl.

I'd try swapping her food, it might just be that that foods not right for her?

(... Erin)
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Try adding a little warm water to the dry dog food and stir it up. Any time I have a dog that doesn't seem interested in food I do that and they think it is a real treat.

My vet suggested that trick when I had a little puppy that was not handling any foods well. He had a bad tummy when he was young.
I mix a big dollop(spoonful) of canned dog food, the moist one, couple of spoonful of water as gravy. Usually Charlie licks the bowl sparkling clean. :biglaugh:
I agree with the water idea - ours are so-so about dried food (unless you hand it out like treats, then they LOVE it...) but will wolf it down if we put warm water on it.
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