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what time does you beagle wake up in the morning?

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every day at 5:00AM in my house I am woken up wih kisses
not that I do not love thoes kissess but it is a bit earily for me how do I go about keeping her down until about 6:00 it seems like the minute the sky lights up she is up & ready to play
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I hate the month after we change from DST to regular time, my dogs are so messed up, and once the sun is up, it's time for them to start their duties as self appointed guardians of the neighborhood. Meaning, we have to go bark at the paperboy at 6:00 AM....it's sad cause there are days that I just want to sleep in...usually, one comes and checks on me, and then starts the rolling and romping on the bed, until I hear the door pounding with their paws...I love them to death, but I can love them after 7:00AM
Hubby lets them out to pee at 5am, then let's them in to sleep with me until I get up for work between 7-8am.

On weekends we all sleep in till 8-9AM. Which makes me think the only reason they get up at all on the weekday mornings is for breakfast. LOL
Well Charlie used to wake up 9:00-9:30 however as I was elsewhere mending and I was not around ack, His system got broken and now it's like 7 or 30 and it's like HELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO feed me now. but I still make him wait because I want him to go back to atleast 830 9.

Rolo sleeps til atleast 10 if i let him however I get him up about 8-30
Our girls are usually fast asleep at about 7.30pm and sleep throughout the night. Penny wakes up with my hubby at about 5am, wanders out to the kitchen says good morning, then promptly returns to the bedroom and jumps into hubby's warm side. I get up around 6am and both Penny and Tuppence are still dreaming until about 6.30am. On weekends, we open the ranch slider so that they can play outside and we can sleep in - that is of course, unless the play gets too physical and the barking begins - then the whole neighbourhood is awake!
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