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what time does you beagle wake up in the morning?

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every day at 5:00AM in my house I am woken up wih kisses
not that I do not love thoes kissess but it is a bit earily for me how do I go about keeping her down until about 6:00 it seems like the minute the sky lights up she is up & ready to play
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Re: what time does you beagle wake up in the morni

Ha, ha. Love this one. Due to hubby's work schedule we are up by 4:00 a.m. Snoopy is NOT into mornings. Hubby takes a shower and I go down and pack his lunch. Snoopy stays in bed under the covers...until...she hears the coffee pot start. That tells her it's breakfast time. Down the stairs she runs. Food, pees, poops, back to bed. I leave for work around 7:30 a.m. I have to go back to the bedroom and drag her out of bed (she is always buried in the covers) to go outside one more time before I leave. She goes out, does her thing, back in the house, checks her bowl with the hope that just maybe there is something else there, then up the stairs and back to bed. So, what time does she get up and start her day? I have no idea. I've tried making the bed before leaving for work. When we get home in the afternoon it looks like World War III in our bedroom. Covers are everywhere. It always makes me laugh. Some day I will hide a camera in there to find out what happens when we are gone. That could make for an interesting topic!!
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Re: what time does you beagle wake up in the morni

I don't know if mine GET UP. lol I know that Tate literally has to be given 3 minutes or more to wake up enough to walk out of his kennel when I get up in the morning. Sam sleeps with us and until I have showered, dressed and start heading out of the bedroom door he doesn't move. Maya is probably the one that actually wakes me up sometimes in the morning, but if I let her roam the whole house at night she is fine. She just has a bit of people separation anxiety and although we are in the house if she hasn't seen us for a few hours she starts to whine a bit. Sulli is pretty quick to jump up for some lovin' as soon as the lights come on in the house. Regardless of the time they get up, they usually go out to do their business and then immediately come back in to sleep some more. Mid morning they will be a little active, then they eat, go out to do their business and come in for a long afternoon nap. Then there is early evening activity, dinner, business and to bed no later than 9 p.m. Man...I think I have some lazy hounds.
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Gabby is definitely the early bird of the house. 5:15 EVERY morning the sound of her tail hitting the wall as she comes up the hall wakes me up. I usually have to wake up Jake and Bailey, and Chloe gets up with Gabby. After their breakfast they all go back to sleep.
Rosa has always been a late riser and will sleep until 10am if I let her. I got a shock when I got Sherry 2 years ago because she is up at the crack of dawn. As soon as it is light she is awake. At the moment she's awake about 5am and sometimes if I'm lucky I can get her to go back to sleep if I give her some brekkie.
Molly goes to bed with me around 10 pm and she gets up around 4 am with Daddy and her greyhound brothers.
Ours were very good and would stay in bed until 8am, when we get up. Since Susi was sick they have got us up at 5am, its as if they know we are waiting for an accident to happen if we ignore them. So now they go into the garden and then eat their breakfast before dashing back upstairs to their baskets and sleep until we get up properly.
Phoebe is our early riser...6:00 am every day! Ted, well as long as you're sleeping, he is right there with you
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Daisy and Rocky have internal clocks that say 5am is breakfast! So they usually wake up around that time and go back to sleep after they eat. LOL
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Coco will wake up around 6am. I let him out to do his business and then he comes back and sleeps till about 8 or 9ish when it's time for him to eat.
I was wondering this, too. I feel very fortunate with JoJo b/c she's VERY willing to stay in her crate as long as we'll let her. Most mornings, we're getting up about 7 and not moving to go downstairs until after 8. She happily snoozes until we open the crate, does her business outside, then lays down in the sun for another nap until about 11. Then she's up until about 2, sleeps until 3, and is up and wild until bedtime...about 11.

She is a lazy bum!
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I get up at 6 and jump straight in the shower, the dogs stay in bed. When I'm dressed, I head to the kitchen for coffee. Cassie and Duke wake up then because that's when Cassie gets her medicine and since I put it in bread for her, Duke knows he gets bread treats, too (funny thing is, Phoebe the cat is also in line for bread!). I let them out to potty and head back to the room to do hair/makeup and they follow. During this time, Violet is still snug as a bug in bed with Daddy. He usually gets up at 7:30 and that's when Violet wakes because she knows he's the one that feeds them in the morning.

On weekends, Dave gets up before me and they stay in bed with me, but usually by 7:30, they are having beaglemania on the bed, forcing me to get up.
Maggie gets us up every night between 2-3 am to go outside and potty. She comes right back in and goes to sleep, but never sleeps beyond 6 am. Fortunately, hubby gets up with her at 6, feeds her breakfast, and then takes her out for a walk.
Re: what time does you beagle wake up in the morni

Quote:beaglemania on the bed
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Re: what time does you beagle wake up in the morni

well it is nice to know that I am not alone in my earily morning advenchers lol

to day she was good she did not move until I got out of bed at 7:00 but that is because she was a naughty dog yesterday I think she was trying to make up for it

see the new topic

<span style="font-weight: bold">we thought we would give her a shot....</span>
Re: what time does you beagle wake up in the morni

So far Rocky is pretty good....I'm not working right now (summer off) so he gets me up for his am piddle/poo anywhere between 7 and 7:30, then I bring him up to bed with me and we sleep until I wake up, somewhere near 9 usually. This last few days at the trailer he was getting up earlier...don't know why! But then we were sleeping until almost 10.

When I am working, and mind you, he's only 4 mths so this September may be different, he gets up around 6:30 (when he hears my alarm) and he goes out, then joins us upstairs as we get ready for the day, then he has breakkie at 7, goes out again, and then he's crated at 7:45 and sleeps all day! Well, until 2:30 anyway! Then it's playtime!!

His last out during the school year is around 11:30pm, and this summer it's about an hour later. So for a 4 mth old pup, he's holding it pretty good during the night!
Re: what time does you beagle wake up in the morni

Well, during the week, hubby gets up at 4:15am! I get up with him and consequently so do the dogs. However, since I do not have to go anywhere that early we (myself and the dogs) go back to sleep and one of them, if not all three, are at my bedroom door anywhere between 6:30 - 7:30.
When I go back to work, there is no going back to sleep for me!
On the weekends, the beags (usually Roscoe) wake us up anywhere between 6:00 - 7:00.
It has been an extremely RARE occassion that we get to sleep til 8:00 or later.
My dog, Hunter, sleeps through till I get up at 7:30am even though my husband is up at 6:00am and gets ready for work...he just knows that I'm the stay at home mom! He usually goes back to sleep on the couch or in my study for a while as I do my computer work.
Hi there! Noticed you mentioned that your beagle munches on his paws like mine does when he wakes us. Have you ever found anything to help with this problem? Hunter really makes his paws red when he does it. I assume it is allergies, and my vet says there is really nothing you can do about it, aside from trying benedryl, which I did, and it just made him hyper! That licking noise drives me nuts, though!
Starla wakes up about 6-6:30. During the week, she stays up, but if it's the weekend, she always goes right back to bed after being let out and sleeps until about 9 or 10.
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