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what time does you beagle wake up in the morning?

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every day at 5:00AM in my house I am woken up wih kisses
not that I do not love thoes kissess but it is a bit earily for me how do I go about keeping her down until about 6:00 it seems like the minute the sky lights up she is up & ready to play
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My two have been really good about sleeping in since I took the nighttime water source out of the bedroom, where they sleep on the bed. I took away the water because I found a little roach hanging out next to them, and part of the roach elimination plan means elimination of water sources. With no full puppy bladders, waking up to go potty at the crack of dawn is no longer as high on their priority lists. They usually get up with me when my alarm goes off. My boyfriend wakes up an hour or two earlier (ideally), but they stay curled up next to me. They have always been more excited about getting up during summer months; in the winter, they could care less about getting out of bed.
Re: what time does you beagle wake up in the morni

Originally Posted By: jen-n-jerseyI wish she could understand the concept of sleeping in on your day off.
I hear you. The only time I ever get to sleep in is if my boyfriend happens to wake up earlier than me and take care of the dogs (has happened maybe once or twice the whole time we've had them) or when I'm on vacation. Sigh.
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