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what time does you beagle wake up in the morning?

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every day at 5:00AM in my house I am woken up wih kisses
not that I do not love thoes kissess but it is a bit earily for me how do I go about keeping her down until about 6:00 it seems like the minute the sky lights up she is up & ready to play
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Maggie sleeps in my daughter's room. When Maggie was a pup we had to crate her. Now she doesn't want to sleep out of the crate. I have stopped locking the door but she wants to stay there anyway.
If my daughter is home Maggie will stay in bed until 8 or longer, however if my daughter is not home Maggie wakes up early. Usually around 5. Its ok for me because I am an early riser and even though its summer and I could sleep longer, I am always up by 6 at the latest.
I don't know how you can change a beagle's sleep pattern. Maybe a later bedtime and a walk or activity to tire her out before bed. Can you fool her at all by darkening the room a little more?
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