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Lulu is a confirmed cheese addict, and she will do ANYTHING for cheese. So, today my oldest girls were eating a couple of cheese sandwiches in their bedroom, on the top bunk, when I got home from work, so they came out to meet me. A minute later there was this demanding "bbbrrruFFFFFF!" from their room, a certain sound Lulu makes when she needs a door opened for her. Sure enough, she had climbed the ladder of the bunk bed and eaten both sandwiches, and now she couldn't get back down.

Later in the afternoon, she practiced wedging her nose in between the fridge door insulation strips until she could force the door open. She almost had the entire 2 lb. block of cheese before we could get to her!

Last week, she jumped up on a kitchen counter and stole an entire pound of cheddar and ate it faster than you could believe. She was soooo sick for two days, and needless to say I had very little pity for her. What a naughty beagle!
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