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Ok - what is the deal. Every foot or so I have some metal stakes (rebar) that hold my fence fairly tight to the ground because Shiloh was always trying to dig his way out - a few times he succeeded. Then after awhile I guess he got it through his head that mama really did want him to stay in the backyard and his interest in digging out kind of waned almost totally - until the past couple of days. Now, once again he almost seems insistent - when I was forcing him back into the yard then blocking his way out - let's just say that if he could speak human - I would not be able to repeat it here. Yes, he is neutered and has been since he was a pup (he is 6 y.o. now). There are two or three places he tries to get out BUT I am not sure he is actually trying that hard. Those are holes that I have tried to block before and I'm not sure he really could fit through the holes but I don't want to find out which is why I stop him then he starts barking at me. Does anyone know if a dog can knowingly tease their owner in this way? I think next time we go out in the backyard - he will have his Halti on with a leash so if he does decide to do this again, I can let him go for a bit then grab the leash to pull him back - I had to do that a little over a year ago when he got all the way through and he was NOT happy when he wasn't able to go anywhere but back through the way he went out.
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