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What I saw earlier this evening

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/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/crazy.gif Well, earlier this evening Shiloh & walked over to the vet clinic to have his anal glands checked & nails trimmed - he also got a Bordatello. When we got bak to the house - I leave Shasta in her crate when we leave - this is what we saw-

Now when we left, the floor of the crate was where it is suppose to be - thank goodness Shasta didn't make any messes while that was out. Oh by the way, she did this 1 other time too. But it has only happened twice and she is left by herself more than that. Ok - time for bed.
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Ours do that occasionally also. Thankfully they have never figured out how to get out of the crate though or we could be in for trouble.
That's a hard plastic bottom, right?

Have hubby drill a hole through the hard plastic crate bottom and use a zip tie to tie the crate bottom to the metal, then trim the zip tie. It's an easy, quick fix and the zip ties can be cut if necessary and a new one reattached.

Have you tried putting pad or old blanket/comforter in her crate?
Murphy had a crate similar to that when he was a pup. It had a removable steel pan as a base.

HE DUG THROUGH IT! He also chewed the wire crate. Needless to say, he and Summer are free-range beagles now.
/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/lol3.gif Murphy is one driven dog!
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I have a "mattress"/bed for Chloe in her crate, but she is not left in it when I'm not home anyway.....

That zip tie is a great idea!
Mine will occasionally do that, Kim. And yes, they have sometimes "dug" holes in the bottom of the pans. I have two that need to be replaced now - just haven't had the money to do it. Tanna "dug" a hole in the bottom of his crate - and once when I "babysat" his son, Pochi, he dug a hole in the bottom of the crate he was in at night. That is one strong dog - and he's much bigger than his dad is!
Ours do that as well but I leave blankets and pillows in the crate for them so they are not sleeping on the plastic pan so it makes it harder for them to do it.
/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/lol2.gif I can't put Henry in a cadge. He would do the same thing! I'm better off leaving him out. I have a better chance of the house not being upset if I leave him run of the house. Rusty on the other hand is a good house dog. I never had any problems with him. He's always had full run of the house.
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Looks like Shasta is rehearsing for her big debut as an escape artist! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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