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What Henry B. does best...!

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On the mulch pile or in the garden....


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Awwwww. I bet he was feeling nice and warm in the sun, especially on the mulch pile!
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That is too cute!!
Henry's idea of a perimeter patrol. LOL! The life of a dog...
Booker would like to hang out with Henry B. - they love to do the same thing!
LOL! Too funny!
Could he look anymore content and comfortable? LOL
He is not really sleeping. He is on alert for intruders. Just resting his eyes while he waits.
Henry knows how to relax.Its amazing how beagles can flop down and sleep.
Now come on....the guy has a rough life, it's tough being a beagle and the watch dog. How do we know he's not looking through slit eyes and knows exactly what's going on around him?
Sometimes I think it would be scarey to know the answer to that question with my guys. He's plotting and planning all kinds of beagle fun in his naps. What a cutie!
Henry, You're my hero!
Those pics are just too cute!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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