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What are Georgia and Polly up to?

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Polly cleaning out the Peanutbutter jar.

Georgia is sad that our niece has went back to her home.

I am so sorry I haven't been on here much! But our Beagles are in fine form, chasing birds, rabbits and each other. The newest trick is to eat the grass, and then vomit!

It must be because our winter was so long...

my DH cut one of Polly's nails too short, so that was sad...and then we left for about 3 hours one day, and forgot they were in the yard!!! Luckily, it was a gorgeous day, and they stayed in the yard like good girls. Please don't call the Animal Cops!!!
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I should have clarified...I think I took these pictures while my son was walking the other one...There's no way I could give peanut butter to JUST Polly!!

When one of them is getting walked, I give the other one a treat, but they still tend to pout a little, even though they each get a turn!!!
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