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What a night

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1) sent hubby to petsmart to get a small bag of Marley's current food, and small of new one so we can transition him. Hubby comes back with small bag of same brand Marley is on but different type. He calls vet, vet says oh it's ok, the kibble is just bigger for a bigger dog, it's the same food. I say, well, call manufacturer to be sure. Does he listen?

2) I call manufacturer, they say similar ingredients but different composition so may make him sick. TOLD YA!

3) good part - I go back to petsmart to exchange the food and decide to take nervous Nelly, I mean Marley, with me. He is 8 months and so nervous in the car, etc. His first visit to anywhere other than the VET!!! And he did great. He was a little nervous on the way there, and inside the store, but was well behaved. Yippeee!

4)Been looking for everlasting brand toys, recommended by a friend. My local petsmarts didn't carry it. Guess what, they do now!!! Bought him one. Wonderful toy. Has kept him busy all night! I do not know what I would do without kongs, nylanones, and now everlasting. I also have this blue kong looking toy but forget the brand. it is wonderful too.
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Hmm. I have never done a special transition period for my dogs, and I do the ultimate....kibble to raw. I switched Daisy 3 days after I brought her home, with zero effect to her system.

I don't go to the pet store (Petco) often, but when I do, they are both nervous. That is, until we walk past the open bins of dog treats..... :cool2:
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