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Westminster tonight

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Hound Group up tonight.
Watch for the beagle! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

(And you lab fans will be drooling over Salty in the Sporting Group - he's Buzz's son.)
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crap, I will probably still be working...I saw in USA today that there's some other hound that may win the hound group....
goooooo beagles!!!!!!
don't they :evilgrin: know that beagles are the best???
Naw, they don't know beags are the best. It will probably be one of the hairy hounds, per usual. :rolleyes:

(Wouldn't mind if our cousin, the Bassett, got it though. Or a Bloodhound. I could deal with that.) :p
Is it just me, or do hounds basically get ignored in these all-breed dog shows? I remember hearing how unusual it was for a hound to win best in show at Westminster - and even the best of the hound group is usually, as someone else mentioned, one of those "hairy" hounds and not any of the beagle/foxhound/harrier type (although I think a basset was best hound a few years ago). What gives? Don't they all know beagles (and their bigger cousins) are the absolute BEST!!!
The Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeen won. Yes, it is a "fuzzy" dog.

The beagles got TOTALLY snubbed...again!

I will say that the 13" & 15" beags were stellar. The Saluki that finished 2nd should have won the breed.

In all of the Westminsters, hounds have only won Best of Show three times.
Didn't a bloodhound win once, or was that some other dog show? The beags were wonderful as always--did you see the little 13 incher wagging while the judge was examining her, as well as while on the floor? So cute!! I wish one of *our* hound had won the group, but that little PBGV was mighty cute. Well, as they say "Wait'll next year!"
We had dear friends years ago who had the most wonderful English Springer, so that breed will always be special to me. Beautiful dogs.
Quote:Originally posted by Murphy's Dad:
The Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeen won. Yes, it is a "fuzzy" dog.
The PBGV (I've got the jargon down...) was cute - but did you notice that ALL of the "finalists" (okay, I don't know what they are called - the ones the judge asks to see again at the end) from the group, except for the whippet, were fuzzy hounds... Does a nice hairstyle make you a better dog?! Grrr.
I was disappointed in the selections this year. The only one I really liked was the Springer. I was happy he won. We had one when I was little...my first dog. He died when I was about 5 but I still remember him fondly. It bothers me that only the "fru fru" hounds placed. There are so many I'd have been OK with besides a Beagle...Harrier, Foxhound, Bloodhound, Basset...and those blasted poodles. :rolleyes: And Genie, yes, a Bloodhound won Best in Show a few years ago, but I think that may have been in a different show. How rude to snub the hound dogs like that! Don't these judges know they are the best?!

Oh, and as for Salty Dog, I was rooting for him. He's from right here in Tampa Bay (it's even part of his full name.)
A bloodhound won the Eukanuba National Championship a couple of years ago when it was here in Tampa. I think that the announcers said last night that a hound has not won "Best in Show" at Westminster since 1983 -- it is the longest stretch for a group ever. That said, I did love the PBGV's attitude -- he (she?) was just bouncing along, having a ball. Enjoyed watching the show but would love it even more if it was just beagles! (Unfortunately, Maggie had to go out just before the 13" came up for judging so I only got to see the 15" ... I kept telling her that her relatives were on TV but she had a one-track mind ... or bladder.)
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