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I hope this is not too long for people. Ok – I really do not have a very good reason for being MIA for so long – don’t even remember when the last time was that I posted here. Just life got in the way I guess plus some laziness too. For those who have joined while we were gone I will do a bit of an intro. I am Kim & I have 2 Beagles, Shiloh (Ringo’s Little Boy Shiloh) & Shasta (Tess’s Sparkling Shasta) – uncle & niece – Shasta’s mom was a littermate of Shiloh’s.

Shiloh turned 6 y.o. on 3/26/09. Shiloh was my first Beagle & it was basically because of him that Shasta joined our little family in November of 2006. Thank goodness Shiloh was not my first puppy that I raised – raising any breed of pup can be most difficult but raising a Beagle pup was a new challenge but one that has turned out to be so rewarding (although after raising Shasta, I’m thinking my next Beagle will be at least several months to a year old). Ok, maybe a little brag here on my part but to me and the people we visit, Shiloh has become a visiting therapy dog extraordinaire. We are a Pet Partner team through Delta Society & in fact, we just passed our 2nd re-evaluation earlier this month – it’s not just wine that gets better with age. I will admit, if there is food involved in our visit, the visits are a bit more of a challenge however it is so worth it. I love being able to share Shiloh in this way & I love watching the interaction between him & the people we visit. He also has his Canine Good Citizen standing from the AKC & we also participate as a team in the Reading Education Assistance Dogs program through the Intermountain Therapy Dogs organization. When we do our visits at the nursing home and also at a hospice, Shiloh has a repertoire or tricks he loves to perform – he has even been honored with Best Pet Trick 3 of the 4 times he has been shown in this at our shelter’s annual fundraiser.

Ok – this is getting long but little Shasta won’t have as much because she is younger & hasn’t matured enough (mentally) to achieve some of the stuff Shiloh has. Shasta is my baby girl altho she is going on 3y.o. - she is almost like a shadow & loves being with her mama, especially when I am sitting or laying on the couch. She did have a bit of a show career in her first year although that was more of a fun thing plus the shows were here so it was a convenience thing too. But I very quickly realized that she just wasn’t real show quality (although you could tell she had so much fun at the shows). She has done really well in the 3 levels of obedience training she has been in & I am planning another go-round this summer then her therapy dog evaluation & CGC test either this September or October. She is doing good with some tricks – her & Shiloh will sit pretty at the same time & do a down then roll over simultaneously – I am thinking of a tandem trick entry for the contest in September. Shasta also has a hula hoop that she loves jumping through.

Ok - bak to work for now.......
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