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We'll take the good with the bad.

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Sadie spent the day at the vet's.
Yesterday evening, she suddenly cried out in pain, put her tail between her legs, and started trembling. Her pelvic was kind of tucked forward, and I though, Oh no! Spinal trouble“.
Nobody slept much last night.
She went in and got examined and x-rayed this morning. The doctor is pretty sure that it's just soft tissue... a pulled muscle in her right thigh.
The x-rays cover her whole back half and show no spinal problems.(It would take an MRI to be 100% sure, but the vet feels good about her diagnosis, and says it isn't necessary unless she gets worse instead of better.)
So, it's Rimadyl and no running or jumping for a few weeks. She goes back for a recheck next Friday.

Good things we wouldn't know without the x-rays are that, her hips look good, and that there are no signs of arthritis in her knees... Sadie has medial patellar luxation in both knees. This is the third out of four vets that label it as grade 1, and see no reason to operate at this time. Also, her blood work looks good, and they won't have to do it again when she goes in for a dental appointment. (Was scheduled for tomorrow, but obviously canceled.)

We all need some sleep here.
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Thanks all.
Sadie's doing better, but still acting a little ... geriatric.
Keeping her from jumping for a while will be the hard part. She's always been allowed everywhere but on the kitchen counter and dining room table.

It seems like every time someone goes in for x-rays or an MRI, they end up hearing, What we were checking you for is ok, but while we were in there looking around looking we found...

But this time we got a free
on Sadie's knees and hips.
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