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Well me and Dixie are back!

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We went to my parent's house for the weekend, of course Grandma spoiled her! lol She bought Dixie a Halloween costume, :rolleyes: , but it was too big for Dixie,lol

Well, after chilling around the house, me and Dixie hanged out in the garage cleaning up the place. We got alot of room now in the garage to work on the camaro, but she still isn't used to the camaro when it is running, she goes :animal18: when it is fired up! lol

then Saturday I figured we would go riding around the block while i let Dixie ride in the bed of the truck so she will get used to it, Dummmy me, should have known better with her climbing ability. I swear i watched her the whole time til we got toward the house and i turned into the yard, when i got out Dixie was not in the bed!! You ever seen a fat boy run for dear life??? well i ran down the drive way and looked toward the left and there was Dixie sitting in the yard next door looking at me! I got her and she wasn't hurt anywhere just scared, so chalk that up to luck. Scared the crap out of me, cause i watched her before i left the yard to see if she could climb out and she didn't.
Anyone got tips for training the dog to ride in the back and not jumping out? i thought of trying the crate next time so she get use to the sound and such, then try tying a short leash so she can't climb on the side of the bed.

Then we went Hunting that afternoon, i tied her to my belt so she will be beside me, and she didn't flinch when i fired the shotgun. So it sounds like she can hang with that.

But the most fun she had this weekend had to be playing with the young cat my mother had, they ran around the house and played almost all day every day we was there. I feel bad about bring her back up here to a house with no other animal to play with. Almost left her with my Mother, but i figured with me taking her to other friends house and letting her play with other dogs was better then nothing!

How was ya'll weekend, i can tell Dixie had a alot of fun as she is sleeping by my foot right now as i type this! lol
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Try the crate, and the leash... but I wouldn't ever leave her there untied. Don't forget, she is a beagle.... Why not using a doggy seat belt?
a doggy seat belt in the bed of a truck??

It's pretty common for the dogs to ride in the bed of the truck, I figured it would be best to teach her to ride in the bed of the truck when she might have to one day.

But for long trips she rides in the front seat or the extended cab of the truck.
Hi Madison! I googled "dog harness for truck beds" and found this that I think you attach to the sides of the truck bed somehow. Thought you might be interested.


Give Dixie a big hug for me, and tell her to stay safe!
Since she enjoyed playing with your mom's cat, maybe you could get her a cat of her own!! Miss Shiloh used to play with our cat Poe when she was younger. She still does every so often.
Please, please do not have little Dixie ride in the back of your truck! :nono5: No matter how closely you watch her, there's always a strong possibility of her jumping out or falling or being thrown out if you have to brake suddenly. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif

This is a family friendly forum, so I can't say what Dusty & I say when we see unsecured dogs in the backs of pickups. Unfortunately, it's a common practice here, too. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/mad.gif

If she must ride in the back, please put her in a crate that's firmly secured. But, why not let her ride shotgun in the cab? Okay, I'm getting off my soapbox now. :soapbox:
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Quote:Originally posted by Genie:
Hi Madison! I googled "dog harness for truck beds" and found this that I think you attach to the sides of the truck bed somehow. Thought you might be interested.


Give Dixie a big hug for me, and tell her to stay safe!
Hey i like that setup, combined with using a harness she would be pretty safe.

Sandyj, the chances of her riding in the bed of the truck are high when we go hunting or camping, on the highway i plan on her riding shot gun or in the extended cab.

and forbide we are ever in a accident, just how safe she would be if she was in the cab of the truck buckled up? the safety devices that are designed in a truck isn't for dogs, it's for people. So either way she will still bounce around even with a selt belt harness in the truck. All these devises are just designed to keep her from flying out of the truck during a accident, which isn't safe at all. So the only thing that is wise to do would be to leave her at home, and i think that is more cruel then taking her out to places.

I was just trying to get her used to riding in the bed, on a very low traffic road, and going slow while we are moving. She is just a good climber and got out. Although i think she will think twice before trying that again! lol but i will get a harness and that safety strap so she won't be able to.
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Not sure how you train them to ride in the back, and I am not goin to give my opinion which I really want to.

But...I will say if you are going to train her to do this....WAIT. She is too young for that.
Because I feel so strongly about dogs riding unrestrained in the back of pickups, I'm going to take the time to type this Dear Abby column that I have in my files.
Loss of dog high price for bitter lesson
DEAR ABBY: I found my dog, "Belle," last year at the pound. We bonded instantly, and I knew I had to take her. She was sweet, funny and fearless.

I remembered the truck commercials on TV where the message was dogs love trucks. Belle was no exception. The day I bought my used pickup, she hopped into the bed and was ready to go. It seemed that half the vehicles I saw growing up were old pickups with dogs -- always unrestrained.

At first, there were short trips to the store or on a back road. But after a month, we got more adventurous. Sometimes Belle would get excited and lean over and snap at passing cars. That should have warned me, but at the time I though it was funny. It never occurred to me to be concerned. Not until she fell out.

I watched in the mirror as she tumbled to the road. Belle survived the fall and started to get up, but before she could get out of the way, an oncoming car hit her.

It was stupid, awful and completely unexpected. And it could have been prevented. A simple harness, or better yet, keeping my beautiful Belle in the cab would have saved her life.

Now, because of a stupid, macho image I had of a man, his dog and his truck, I have lost a beloved friend. Please, Abby, warn your readers that if they have a pet they care about, not to allow it to ride unrestrained in a truck bed.

DEAR GRIEVING: Please accept my sympathy for the loss of your beloved pet. I'm printing your reminder for the benefit of other pet owners, but I would like to extend it. I frequently see young children standing on the seats of vehicles driven by their mothers, while Mom chats away on her cell phone. I have also seen pets and people riding unrestrained in the backs of open trucks. It takes only moment for an accident to happen. These kinds of accidents can be life-altering or fatal. So please, folks, use a little restraint -- the kind that buckles.
This column is more powerful than anything I can say.
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