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OMG, was he so glad to see his daddy. you folks wouldnt have believed it. he is walking perfectly on his own.
the surgon ( doc platt) came down to talk to me. he was honestly excited. he said its very rare to have a dog with this much willpower and energy after such a ordeal so soon. he was excited for bernie. his new student (which follows up with bernie on the hour) came out to go over things with me. his recovery,his new diet, everything that went on, ect ect ect. she was excited for bernie too. they came walking down the hall and bernie was pulling her all the way. damn he was so glad to see his daddy. then his first student came to see me too. she stayed after work to just tell me hello, and to tell bernie good bye. his local doc will be pulling his staples out(25 of them). hes gotta go back to see doc platt in one month. bernie hit the ground running as soon as we came through the back door. "STOOOOOOOOOOOOP",
i yelled out at the top of my lungs. hes not allowed to do that for several weeks. my arms were full of all the stuff i took with me and couldnt hold his leash. his rearend came to a holt pretty quick. off to his crate he went. i hated to do that but i have to. its just gotta be for a couple of weeks. platt said to me that it was amazing to see all the stuff they pulled from his spine, but yet, bernie is up and around to fast to soon. he was honestly stunned.
i told him it came from all the prayers hes had from so many. i told him of the 124 different prayer chains from around the world i had put bernie on one at a time. i told him that beagle world forum was praying for him as well. he just kinda looked at me. i told him "prayer works doctor platt". he smiled and said he was looking forward to seeing bernie in a month.
i have the address of the head dean at the vet school. im gonna write her a letter telling her of my experience at the school, and of the students and doc's that worked on bernie.
all just to say thank you to them.
they deserve that much dont ya think?
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Wow, I'm so glad to hear he's making such good progress, and that he's home where he belongs.

Good on you for writing a letter to the Dean. It'll mean a lot to the people who worked with Bernie.
Congratulations Bernie!!!!
I'm so happy that he's home and feeling good. I can't believe he was running! The doctors definately sound like a great bunch. Good Luck with the crate rest. And keep us updated on his progress. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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Welcome home Bernie!!! I'm sure you are so glad to have him back with you (and I'm sure he is so glad to be back with you). Glad to hear he is doing so well - now comes the hard part of convincing him that he needs to rest and recuperate...
Im so glad that he is doing so well.

Im a doc and I DO believe in prayer. I still will pray myself for patients!

Oh Rick, I am so happy for you and Bernie!! :woohoo:

It's wonderful how quickly he's bounced back! The hard part, now, is to keep him quiet and allow all to heal.

Those docs are great and all our prayers and their expertise combined in one big miracle, don't ya think?!!

Monica and Daisy /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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yes i do agree with you totally.
thanks folks for your prayers and wellwishes. bernie is down stairs resting as we speak. lord its so good to have him home. i missed him so much. he didnt care much for the 2 hr car ride home though. yes hes doing real good. but i do have to limit his actions for a while.
right now he looks like frankenbeagle.
i set down there a moment ago and loved on him.
he rolled over and let me rub his now slimming belly. he was feeling good. man the weight thats fallen off my sholders is amazing. finally i too can get some rest.im going down to tell him good night now. thanks again everybody, im very greatful to you.
Quote:Originally posted by ricksconnected:
right now he looks like frankenbeagle.
That is what we called Booker too, after surgery she had some years ago now when she had a big lump removed right in the middle of her back (at the site where she had received her vaccinations a few weeks earlier...) She had a big shaved area all across her back, huge black sutures, and to make it extra special, a big drain!!! Poor thing - she was quite hard to look at for a while there. (For her back surgery they went through her chest, however, and therefore she hardly looked like she had had any work done.)

Glad to hear Bernie is resting comfortable - hope you get a good sleep tonight now that he is back safe and sound with you.
Yea!!! I'm so glad he is home and the surgery is over with. Now he just has to recouperate. Was he sent home with any medications?
yeah, bernie has these shaved spots around his ankles and one of his wrists too. the spot on his back is about 11inch's x 11 inches, shaved.
i laid down in the floor with him for a lil bit.
rubbed his belly. hes happy to be home. hes about to explode with energy too. its almost his breakfast time now. he has no problems eating thats for sure. his last student/doc was a nutritionist. she did a quick study on the welness dog food after she found out thats what i fed him. she was suprised at her findings.
she said that the wellness super5mix was a complete dog food, and unsurpassed by none in nutrition value. she said i should keep feeding him wellness forever. so im glad ive switched him over a month or so back. she gave me is allowed kcal intake per day, and a list of acceptable snacks and their kcal #'s. kcal for those who dont know is the same as calories. he allowed 2 cups of food a day, for now, at 325 kcal per.
so now his treat's are gonna change a bit. i think he might be ok with that honestly. in his eyes, he gets to try new food! i dont know a beagle one who wouldnt like that idea.
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mom of 2

yes. he was sent home with "doggy asprin".
to help with any inflamations he might have left.
hes still a little "drunk" in the legs,but nothing close to what he was a week ago.
i can see it in his eyes that he just wants to be chased. you know how dogs get that sudden burst and run about in the house? man i just cant wait for that day to come too. its gonna be a few months i know, but he and i cant wait.
Glad to hear Bernie is home and doing so well! Keep us updated! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
Judi and the gang
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That is the best news ....that just made the rest of my day !! I am so glad to hear the Bernie is back with his daddy !!

Will keep praying for a successful and speedy recovery !!

Beagly hugs to you both from Sammy and Julie
:bounce2: Yea!! Welcome home Bernie!! Glad to hear you're feeling so well!! Now be a good boy, don't give your daddy a hard time about your crate rest!
Rick, that's a great report from the doctor. I know you must be thrilled!! :hyper:
I am so happy for you. I will continue praying for a speedy and complete recovery for Bernie.
:happyhappy: :happyhappy: That just about says it all! So glad Bernie has come through all this with flying colors. We all have faith that you will stick to your guns and keep Bernie quiet through this recovery period. You have just got to learn how to post pics --
Hooray for Bernie! :ecstatic: If he's like my girl changing treats won't matter as long as he gets treats! Yes, write the dean and let them know how wonderful everyone has been to you and Bernie! Ladybug kisses to Bernie! I too believe prayer works. I know all the love and prayers everyone sent for my girl kept her here with me.
wonderful news!! good luck "keeping him moving slowly!" /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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:bounce: Yay Bernie! :bounce2: I know you are relieved and so happy to have your baby home. I just knew he would pull through and do well. He's such a fighter. Lucky and I are still praying and thinking of you two throughout his recovery! I just love your stories. Hopefully, you can keep Bernie calm for a little bit. I know that will be hard.
I've been keeping tabs on Bernie's progress but haven't posted yet.

I'm so glad he is home where he belongs. The stamina these pets of ours has is amazing, isn't it. I had a GSD do the same thing Bernie did after hip reconstruction surgery. Doc couldn't believe it. They have such will and such big hearts.

I'm very happy for you, Rick. Now get some rest.
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