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We Meet Ms Maggie

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Some of you may know, we are awaiting a new addition to our family, a baby girl who we have named Maggie.

Yesterday we meet with the breeder who's girls had two litters. There were four girls which we had to choose from.

So so incredibly hard, they were all just so gorgeous I really couldn't choose. I left it up to my husband.

He picked up a few of them who were very small and quite timid (can you picture a four week old little puppy being picked up by a 6ft giant !).

In the end, we choose a little girl who had quite a good solid build who took and instant liking to husband by licking his face and trying to chew his nose off. I quite liked another little girl who had some spunk but husband was just bowled over by this little girl who had been temporarily named Chubby due to her build.

So I'm off to puppie briefing on Wednesday afternoon and I think I will get a definate date as to when she may come home and meet with her new family including new brother Brewster.

Brewster .. another story .. we got home from visiting the puppies and obviously carried quite a strong scent on our clothes .. WOW did he go crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sniffing our shoes and jeans for ages .. he stood on my shoe as if to say, don't go anywhere .. I'm not done sniffing your jeans yet ..

So cute, I think he will love Maggie.

Now when I figure out how to get the pictures of my husbands phone I can post some pics of the gorgeous little thing.

Hope you are all having a great weekend !
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How exciting for you,can't wait to see the pics of Maggie,
Cant wait to see the pics !!

wonderful! It is hard. I let hubby choose too. Marley's litter was two boys and two girls.

One girl/boy combo of red and white and one girl/boy black and white.
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