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Water, water everywhere...

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No, not the pouring rain outside. The pee inside. Sigh.

Over the past week Buzz has started peeing in bed. Our bed, his bed (after being banished from our bed), Booker's bed (much to her and our dismay). I'm sure if we had more beds he would pee on them too. We had a couple of accidents here and there in the first six weeks we had him, especially some marking before he was neutered, but just over the past few days it has started happening over and over again - often just as he is standing (without any apparent cocking of his leg).

Having read here all about UTIs and the symptoms, we trotted him off right away to the vet. Rather annoyingly, they initially only did a urinalysis, not a culture, and then pronounced him UTI free when the results of the urinalysis were okay. Having also read about the need to do a culture to accurately check for a UTI, we insisted on a culture, which they are now doing two days later - and they also decided to xray for bladder or kidney stones. We should know those results in a couple of days.

Please join me in crossing your fingers and paws that it is a UTI after all, since then at least we know there is a reason and also know how to fix it - and he can start feeling better soon (although with the exception of the peeing, he doesn't appear to be in any pain or distress or discomfort).

Otherwise, I am just so perplexed as to why he has started to do this. I don't think there is anything particularly stressful going on in his life - other than that I was away on work for a couple of days last week and then again earlier this week. But he has kept doing it since I got back... and in fact I would say that his stress level has become much lower as he has integrated with the pack and gotten used to our home and his new neighbourhood - his tail is up and wagging when he is outside and he just seems so happy overall.
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Going to go off topic for a bit and recommend Lazarus


Firefox has an add-on for everything. It'll save your forms for a reasonable length of time in case that happens again.
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