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Warning ... Depressing Topic: Dementia

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Okay, folks -- this is even hard for me to write ... am afraid that Maggie is starting to show signs of dementia. She has times when she seems very disoriented -- just sitting staring into space. When I take her outside to pee/poop, she often doesn't know why she is outside. She has also shifted from always being very particular to where she goes on the grass to peeing/pooping on the sidewalk. It's not that she is doing either urgently and just not making it to the grass. At one point last night she seemed like she didn't recognize me. She is not on any new meds or food and nothing else has changed in her environment. I will talk with the vet about this next week but just wondered if any of you with senior pups have seen similar changes.
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I'm sorry to hear that.

Hopefully your vet can prescribe something to help.
Well years ago we had a lab/shephard mix who lived to be 18. I'm sure he had dementia as he would go sit in the backyard in the pouring rain or snowing like mad. It got to the point that we would have to go get him to bring him inside.

As long as you keep her safe and somewhere you can clean easily (in case of accidents) she should be fine.

Give her lots of belly rubs....
Our first Beagle went through that. He lived to be 14. But he would wonder around the house and stare at the walls and whine. Our vet prescribed a medication for Althimers. It helped him to act more normal. Please get with your vet and ask them about this medication. I can't for the life of me remember the name of it. But it did work!!!

Keep us posted.
I am also sorry to hear that Maggie is acting like that and hope that the vet will offer some helpful information and an effective course of treatment.

I have no experience with CDS but will say are you sure it is not related to stress or her valium?

I looked this up for you:
Symptoms of Doggie Dementia, aka DISH:
Disorientation: dog seems confused, doesn't always seem to know where it is.

Interactions: decreased or altered responsiveness to family members.

Sleep: dog's normal sleeping pattern changes.

Housetraining: dog loses its housetraining habits.

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Oh Judy... I so wish you and Maggie would have some good things happen for a change. I'm so sorry to hear this latest. I don't have any experience with this (with dogs... humans are another story unfortunately) but just want to let you know we're thinking about you.
I read the article that Beagle Babe attached. That 14 year old Beagle they show in the picture looks so much like our firest Beagle, Sam. The medication they talk about, Anipryl is what Sam took. It did help him.
Judy, this thread just breaks my heart. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif I haven't experienced it with a dog, but having lived through it with family members I know how heartbreaking it can be. Both you and Maggie deserve a break. You remain in my prayers.
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Judy, I am so sorry to hear about Maggie. I really hope there's something your vet can do for her. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif
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Oh Maggie... /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif I hope you get better soon and that the doggie doctor can help you....

Judy, keep us posted about Maggie, I hope the vet has answers.
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I'm sorry to hear of Maggie's latest trouble. That sweet angel deserves a break! I had a border collie that behaved similarly and come to find out her eyesight had failed her to the point that she no longer recognized where she was and only recognized family by smell. Going on the sidewalk instead of the grass and in general just doing odd things. She was a rescue and went to the bridge at 16. Prayers going up for Maggie.
Thank you all ... I printed out a check list from one of the links Jamie posted. Maggie has 14 of the 15 symptoms listed. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif I know it is just a checklist and some of the symptoms can also be attributable to Cushings but still ... I don't see a link between what I've been noticing and the valium (and she only gets 1/8 of a tablet when needed for pain -- a really miniscule amount). Interesting reading about Anipryl -- I knew it sounded familiar. It is one of the older treatments for Cushings -- no longer used for that in favor of more effective drugs. The laboratory safety study was done with beagles! We already have an appointment with the vet for 1/25 so discussion about all this is on the list.
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Oh Judy, reading your post, my heart broke. I've never had any experience with dimentia in dogs. I really hope that your vet can offer poor Maggie some assistance. Give her some extra gentle belly rubs from me and Jersey.
Oh Judy, this is so sad. I really hope your vet will have something to help revers this and help maggie to become her old self again. It really breaks my heart to hear about what older dogs go through, I have not gotten there yet.
Quote:Originally posted by Spencer's Mum:
It really breaks my heart to hear about what older dogs go through, I have not gotten there yet.
Emphasis on the "yet"...
oh no.....Judy I am so sorry to hear this about Maggie. I often have bad dreams that one day Sammy will not remember me. My heart is breaking for you. As if you guys have not been through enough this year. I hope your vet can help Maggie and give you some peace.

sending out
to you both
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Judy, I so wish I could tell you that all you seeing and are experiencing is nothing or you are blowing it out of proportions. Unfortunately, you are not. I had two Beagles go down the dementia path. Some medications seemed to help a little, but not for long. All I could do was love them as much as I could and pamper them as best as I could. Food seemed to be something that would occasionally break through the fog, but with Maggies Cushing's you do not even have that option. I sincerely wish I could offer you some glimmer of cure, but sadly I can't. We are here for you Judy and you are in our prayers.
I am sorry to hear this news. You guys have had such a tough time. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.
Im so sorry about maggy, I hope the vet came help her feel better!

Judy, I wish there was something I could say or do to help.
Sending out a hug to you and a gentle scratch behind the ears to Maggie.
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