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walking too much???

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just wondered if there was walking too far with your dog? thor is just over a year old and we walk about 5 miles a day. i dont think its too long and he doesnt seem to mind. actually he loves it. but i didnt know if there was any harm in it?
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The only time you have to worry about over exercising your dog is when they are a puppy and still growing/developing. We always walk our beags quite a bit, it makes for a healthy, happy dog and household!
Our beagles seem to have endless energy when it comes to walking.
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thanks for the replies. i didnt think it would be a problem just wanted to make sure.
A healthy young beagle like yours should be getting at least an hour a day of vigorous exercise. So I think your 5 mile walk is probably good for both of you. Keep it up!
Good for you - 5 miles! You must have a happy, trim beagle
They seem to have endless energy but then all of a sudden you know when they are pooped.

I tired beagle is a good beagle too!
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5 miles? thats pretty good!
milo is 7 months and we go for 2 mile walks and by the end, sometimes he limps (holds his back leg up) and we need to stop for 5 mins or so. i am unsure of what causes this. i am able to touch and stretch his leg out without him showing any signs of pain, and i am unable to feel or see anything stuck in his paw... he can run fine after the break...
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