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Walking the dog, Florida style

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We just got back from a little overnight cruise.
Sadie loves the boat, but she does have her schedule to follow. Food bowl on deck, and dinghy rides to shore to do her "outsides". (Not much fun for Daddy at 10:00PM and 5:00AM.)
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We're very happy with the little Admiral.
When we got her, at 9 weeks, we started taking her on frequent car trips . Her first boat ride was at about six months. By 15 months, she’s become a real traveler. Never car sick or sea sick. We had one slow-speed overboard incident the second time out. It made a big impression on all of us. She’s noticeably more careful since then, and we don’t let her climb around as freely.
It’s allot of extra work to take her with us but it just wouldn’t be the same without our baby!
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