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Walking etiquette

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Just wanted some opinions from you guys. I have a beagle/pug cross, we go down to some fields every morning on our walk. They're not official dog parks but they're known locally as such (literally every dog walker I've spoken to has recommended them!), we've only ever met two dogs there that were on lead and that was because they were still in recall training. It's a generally accepted rule that if your dog is off-lead, they're friendly, we've never had any problems and have made a lot of friends there. But this morning we saw a new dog, mine went over to say hello as usual but the other dog (off-lead) lunged and nearly made contact. Other dog's owner grabbed him and pulled him away, I rushed over and got mine on lead (she doesn't back down when she's being challenged) and the owner mumbled something along the lines of "mine will kill yours if you're not careful".

I was pretty shaken up. Well-aware that my dog needs more recall training (thought it was good but apparently not!) but I also think that dog should have been on a lead or muzzle. Just wondered what you guys think and if you have any tips for getting your dog to come back to you when they're in that kind of situation that they won't want to leave. Thanks!
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Oh boy...Beagles are Not off leash dogs..recall is not reliable with them. A woman in my neighborhood took her dog to a dog park. Her dog was attacked and killed by another supposedly well behaved dog. The woman was also attacked while trying to save her dog. Dog on dog bites are the worse and cause major infections at the very least. Reconsider taking your dog to a dog park.
I took my dog to a dog park and another dog really bothered my dog and the owner did nothing.
Unfortunately our nearest dog park is a 45 minute car journey away! It's not really feasible for every day. We go every weekend though and have a great time there.
Maybe we're very lucky or she's just been well trained before (she's a rescue) but aside from that we haven't had any recall issues! She has quite bad separation anxiety and I always have treats so she never strays out of sight. We did have her on a longline when we first got her because I read about beagles having bad recall but she would run to the end of the lead and then strain her back pulling and pulling. I started letting her off-lead because the vet commented on it when she went in for boosters. The longline was about 30metres, maybe you can get longer ones?
I don't walk my beagles off lead, beagles can be tough to teach recall because they are distracted by scents. We do walk Oliver on a very long lead and practice recall with him. That other person who made the rude comments to you should have had their dog leash if they felt that "their dog could kill yours". Off leash dogs should always be friendly and well socialized.
How long is the lead? Mine just ran to the end of hers which was 30metres and then pulled and was at risk of permanently injuring herself 😱
When i took Cassie to the vet a few months ago they were greeting the dogs outside due to the virus. One of the assistants came out with one of those loop leashes.. cassie pulled away and her collar slipped over her head and she ran away going all over the parking lot. I was shocked... i yelled..CASSIE, HERE!!... OMG she ran right to me... I couldnt believe it..pure luck in my estimation. I think she didn't like the male assistant.. whatever I dont ever want to repeat that again.. this recent vet visit I was extremely careful with the transfer.
I'm so sorry to hear that and so glad your girl is okay! I know loop leashes are easy to slip on and ideal for those situations but I've seen how well mine escapes even so-called 'escape proof' harnesses so I wouldn't trust her in one of those at all!
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