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Vote for the name of my next beag!

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So far, Jethro has a lead! Bart is my second choice to
become Homers next four legged friend! (It is a tough choice
for me as I love the Simpsons...but, I also love Homer &
Jethro from Hee-Haw!!! (He will be spoiled like Goober was)!
Goober holds our record as he was born on 12 April 1992 & died
on 21 september 2008!
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I like both, but I think Jethro has a distinguished sound to it.

Whatever you choose, a picture is a must!!!
Jethro is cute! If I ever get a male beagle his name will be Burt
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I like Bart. Or Bort.


I used to have a sheltie named Bert.
I like Bart, but I love the name Jethro. Reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies....
Jethro all the way!
I vote Jethro, it fits with your other names the best and it fits a beagle SO well!

Though I know no matter what name the new pup gets, one thing he will be is lucky!
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Casie, Cobi and I vote Jethro....there's a lot of class in Jethro!

Pictures, yes!
I didn't know you got another dog. Guess that's what I get for not checking in more often.
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Another vote for Jethro!

Whew! That was an easier decision than some I'll face on the ballot tomorrow....

I like both names, but I think I like Jethro the best. Homer and Jethro just sound like they go together!

Have you already picked out your new beagle???
Jethro sounds like the perfect name for an adorable beagle!
Make sure to post a pic!
Thanks all! Jethro wins by a landslide! AND the name will hold
a very special meaning to me, since fans of Goober...new & old
made the choice for me! (There will be pics), when I get the new puppy this spring!!!
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We will all be happy for you and Jethro when he gets here.
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